MMAFA Misson Statement

The Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association (“MMAFA”) is an association comprised entirely of mixed   martial artists and their trainers.  Modeled closely after the Major League Baseball Players’ Association and the Screen Actors Guild, the MMAFA will be led and directed by its members and their elected member representatives.  The MMAFA aims to maximize the influence and earning capacity of its members in the sport of mixed martial arts.The trademarks, logos, website, domains, and all other property of the MMAFA will be held in trust for the collective benefit of MMAFA members.  The MMAFA provides its members with a brand that can be monetized through the sale of merchandise, and through licensing to third parties.  The MMAFA also provides the following to all of its members:
  • Media platform and publicity vehicle to promote and publicize the activities of our members;
  • Revenue maximization through merchandising and licensing of collective brand; and
  • Lobbying, and if necessary, litigation vehicle.

The Mixed Martial Arts Fighters Association assisted its members in a breach of contract dispute with promoter EliteXC. The MMAFA, on behalf of its members, forwarded a demand letter to EliteXC officials seeking a release of its members from EliteXC contracts.  The MMAFA also drafted a complaint that it was prepared to file in the event that EliteXC refused to voluntarily release the fighters from their promotional agreements.  The dispute was resolved shortly thereafter when Strikeforce, a mixed martial arts promotion, acquired the promotional agreements of fighters in an asset sale.

 The MMAFA’s mission statement is set forth below:

a) To bring together in this organization, regardless of race, creed, color or nationality, all competitive mixed martial artists, coaches and trainers.
b) To establish improvements in the economic, physical and security conditions of employment for mixed martial artists, coaches and trainers.
c) To provide information and assistance to mixed martial artists, coaches and trainers and engage in activities to advance and safeguard their welfare.
d) To establish, conduct, and maintain such educational, recreational, social and charitable enterprises as may assist in the advancement of the Association and it Members.
e) To develop such projects and enterprises which will bring further benefits and revenues to Members as individuals or to the Association as an entity.
f) To promote and foster the best interest of mixed martial arts.
g) To take all steps and actions, consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association, to implement and carry out the objects, rights, activities and responsibilities of this organization.

The Professional Mixed Martial Artists Bill of Rights

1. You have the right to be treated in a professional manner and to be fully informed about all aspects of your sport.

2. You have the right to have all terms of any contract with a promoter or agent in writing.

3. You have the right to have all contracts read and explained to you by a local commission representative, and to speak to a representative or anyone of your choosing (including an attorney).

4. Before any bout you have a right to know your opponent’s name, their record, the weight class of the bout, the number of rounds of the bout, and the amount of your purse, including any travel or training expenses.

5. You have a right to review, obtain and keep copies of any of your contracts.

6. You have a right to directly receive any and all payments from a bout as set forth in your bout agreement.

7. You have the right to receive a written, post bout accounting from either the promoter or your agent or both, which shows how the total amount of your purse was distributed. If you have any deductions taken from your purse you have the right to ask for a written accounting of what these deductions were, and why they were deducted from your purse.

8. You have a right to have a doctor at ringside at all times as well as emergency medical personnel and / or an ambulance present at the location at all times.

9. You have a right to have medical insurance to cover any injuries resulting from a bout and to know the name of the insurance company and the amount of coverage that is being provided.

10. You have the right to hire individuals of your choice to serve as your agents, trainers or seconds, and to have your choice of representative honored by your promoter. You are not required to hire any individual in order to obtain a bout.

11. You have a right to contact your local commission or the Association of Boxing Commissions to report any violations, ask any questions or seek any advice.

12. You have a right to appeal any and all suspensions and to be informed on exactly why you were suspended and the length of your suspension.

13. You have the right to have the legal protections applied by state and federal law to boxers similarly applied to mixed martial artists.

14. You have the right to have the Association of Boxing Commissions adopt standardized form contracts between a promoter and a mixed martial artist.

15. You have the right to have promotional contracts that share “mutuality of obligation” imposing affirmative duties on both the promoter and the mixed martial artist.

Supporters of the MMAFA

Teamstrs International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 986, has grown to be the largest local union in the Western United States through outstanding leadership, vigorous organizing, negotiating and enforcing quality contracts, and their dedication to serve the members. Founded in 1903, the Teamsters mission is to organize and educate workers towards a higher standard of living. There are currently 1.4 million members under 21 Industrial Divisions that include virtually every occupation imaginable, both professional and non professional, private sector and public sector. For more than 100 years the Teamsters Union has been a leader in setting the standard for higher wages, better benefits and improved working conditions for workers throughout the United States and Canada. Teamster members can find a variety of ways to participate to help build a stronger union — from supporting coworkers in their struggle for justice, helping with the bargaining process to joining a local union committee or becoming a volunteer organizer. For more on Teamsters visit ibTEAMSTERS