Mayweather vs Canelo Purse: How Golden Boy Can Afford to Pay Floyd $41.5 Million

A million dollars in cash is manageable. Weighing 22 pounds in $100 bills, according to the U.S. Treasury, it can fit in a large grocery bag with room to spare.

The $41.5 million Golden Boy Promotions is paying Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Saturday night in Las Vegas?

That’s a different story.

At a weight of 913 pounds, Mayweather might need to add a few guys to his entourage if he wants to collect it in crisp $100s. And he might consider bringing the Bentley and not the Ferrari. It’s a better fit.




John Cholish Explains How Much It Costs to Be a UFC Fighter

The subject of fighter pay in the sport of mixed martial arts has been an ongoing debate for several years with no one coming to a consensus on whether the salaries are good, bad or otherwise.

Most recently, former UFC lightweight John Cholish, who retired following his last fight at UFC on FX 8, came out against what he perceived to be poor fighter pay structures, and it eventually led to his exit from the sport.




Purse bid ordered for Wladimir Klitschko-Tyson Fury fight

The representatives for heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and mandatory challenger Tyson Fury have been engaged in talks for weeks but are seemingly making little progress for a fight that is supposed to take place this fall.



Warriors Boxing wins purse bid for James DeGale-Andre Dirrell

British super middleweight James DeGale will be required to travel if he is to face Andre Dirrell for the vacant IBF super middleweight title because purse bids have gone in favor of the American.“The bidders were Warriors Boxing Promotions and Matchroom Sport,” confirmed IBF publicist Jeanette Salazar. “The winning bid came from Warriors Boxing Promotions at $3,100,000.00.  Matchroom Sport bid $2,105,000.00.“The purse will be split 50/50. Warriors Boxing Promotion has until March 25, 2015, to submit executed contracts for this bout to the IBF and has 90 days to stage the contest.”READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Klitschko vs. Fury Reach Terms, Avoid Purse Bid Hearing

By Jake Donovan


The upcoming World heavyweight championship between reigning king Wladimir Klitschko and unbeaten mandatory challenger Tyson Fury is officially on. The two will collide October 24 in Dusseldorf, German, according to the representative from the World Boxing Association (WBA).


Purses and Purse Bids Explained

As both athletes and fans continue to familiarize themselves with the various compensations models available in combat sports, the most oft answered question related to purse bids and how they work. Users of the website Boxing Scene did a fantastic job explaining this in great detail via their forums. One explanation, read my user “mrlopez” was as follows (content posted as/is with no changes made:

“To answer your ?
A purse bid is an initial step in arranging a professional boxing match, involving the fight’s / card’s promoter(s). All interested registered promoters may bid on the amount of the purse (the total money that the fighters will be paid for the match), if the sides representing each fighter fail to agree on it before the deadline. The highest offer wins; however, the winning entity must produce a small percentage of the total amount up-front, by a certain date. How the fighters will split the purse is negotiated between the fighters’ respective representatives. Purse bids are often won by one of the two fighters’ promoters.”

For additional information, a LINK TO THE FORUM has been provided for your convenience.

Klitschko camp 'surprised' by $23m purse bid

Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko and secondary titlist Alexander Povetkin both have bouts scheduled, but the purse bid for their mandatory bout was held on Tuesday and Russian promoter Vladimir Hryunov pulled a shocker, winning with an extraordinary bid of $23,333,330.


Roc Nation wins Quillin Korobov purse bid

According to Dan Rafael of, Jay-Z’s new promotional outfit, Roc Nation won the right to promote the WBO Middleweight title bout between Peter Quillin and Matt Korobov.

Roc Nation Sports bid a whopping $1,904,840 and handily defeated two other bidders.


Jay-Z's Roc Nation wins purse bid for Quillin vs. Korobov fight

In something of a surprise, boxing newcomer, Roc Nation Sports, a company founded by famous rapper Jay-Z, won the purse bid for the Peter Quillin vs. Matt Korobov (24-0, 14 KOs) fight on November 8th at a venue still to be determined.

Quillin will be making a defense of his WBO middleweight title against the No.1 WBO Matt Korobov in what will easily be Quillin’s toughest fight of his career thus far.


Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao purse could hit $300m with pay-per-view buys expected to double 2.4m record

Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao is the fight which just keeps on giving. Especially to Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

The initial projection of a purse split of $150million to the Money man and $100m to the PacMan has just been upwardly revised by Pacquiao’s promoter.


The 96-4 Purse Split

Carl Daniels is on the verge of filing a lawsuit against AOL-TimeWarner and Don King Productions in the United States District Court for New Jersey. The suit will allege that the defendants tortiously interfered with Daniels’ business relationships and conspired to deprive him of just compensation in conjunction with a purse bid that was held for Daniels’ February 2nd bout against middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins was victorious in the bout when Daniels was unable to answer the bell for the 11th round.


From $2 To $180 Million: Mayweather And Pacquiao's Boxing Purses Through The Years

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will square off Saturday night in the richest bout in the history of boxing. Both fighters are headed for the biggest paydays of their careers and could split as much as $300 million if the pay-per-view is a monster success. Mayweather is entitled to a 60-40 edge in the purse and could bank $180 million for 36 minutes of work. Mayweather has created an entire persona around the idea of making and spending money and has earned $420 million during his career before Saturday’s blowout payday. Pacquiao isn’t far behind with $335 million in career earnings, including endorsements. But before the nine-figure paydays and billion-dollar PPV careers, Mayweather and Pacquiao came from much humbler roots fighting for paychecks that wouldn’t cover the lunch bill for their massive entourages today.